Qi Hui Class of ‘12 Last year I failed my English and was unable to enter poly. Penciltutor helped  me pass my English and has changed my life.
Pei Ling Class of ‘12  During my O Level exam revision I often stayed back, at Penciltutor, as the  teachers were always there to clear my doubts. 23 points to 17 points in 9  months. Only at Penciltutor!
Amrit Class of ‘12  The teachers at Penciltutor gave me crucial exam tips and their O level exam  preparation was first class!
Lenie is a 27-year-old, mother of three. She dropped out of school when she was 14 and decided to take her ‘O’ Levels in 2011. Lenie Class of ‘11  Took O Levels for the first time and with the guidance and encouragement from  teachers at Penciltutor®, I've got 12 points for my best 5 subjects!
Vignesh Class of ‘10 26 points last year to 16 points this year. I thought it was impossible.  Penciltutor® made it possible!
Nadiah Class of ‘09  With the help of Penciltutor® I got an A1 for my science. Penciltutor® is the  best!
Ying Ying (not her real name) has an extraordinary story to share. She suffers  from narcolepsy. Due to this illness she missed her O Level examinations in her secondary school. As such, she joined Penciltutor as a private candidate  and wanted to sit for the English, Science(Phy/Chem), Geography and  Mathematics papers at the O Level examinations for the first time in 2008.  Although her illness dashed her hopes of sitting for all the papers, she still  managed to sit for the English and Science(Phy/Chem) papers. She doesn't  want her identity revealed and we respect that... Ying Ying Class of ‘08  I got an A2 and an A1 for my English and Science(Phy/Chem) respectively.  Thanks to the excellent notes and inspiring teaching at Penciltutor!
Derrick Class of ‘07  24 points in 2006 to 16 points in 2007 for my ELR2B2. Penciltutor® taught me  to trust in myself and gave me a second chance.
Ang Hang Wee Class of ‘06  I NEVER took A.Maths in my secondary school. I studied A.Maths at  Penciltutor® for ONLY 8 months and got a B3 for it and I'm on my way to poly.
Sam Class of ‘05 I improved my Science (Phy/Chem) from a D7 to a B3 and also got an A2 for  E.Maths. I guess miracles are  possible at Penciltutor®
Lau Guan Wei  Class of '04  I was shocked to get an E8 for my Phy/Chem last year. I joined Penciltutor®  and got an A2 for the same subject this year..
Angela Class of '03  Go ahead! give it a try! you will definitely  find something different about  Penciltutor®.
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Class of ‘16

I’ve always wanted to do accountancy at a university. My hopes were dashed when I got my results last year. Thanks to Penciltutor, I improved my BioChem grade from a C6 to an A1! I am now able to qualify for Junior College!!!


Class of ‘17

In 2014, I did not qualify for JC. Not wanting to retake my O levels, I got into a course in poly which I had no passion for. After 2 years in poly, I decided to quit. In 2017, I retook my O levels and with the help of dedicated teachers at Penciltutor who answered my questions on weekends and late nights, I am able to qualify for JC this year!
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Class of ‘13 

...in 2012, my options were either to retake N levels or the ITE. But Penciltutor teachers prepared me for the O levels in just 9 months. I’ve got 20 points for my O levels in 2013 and I’m going to a poly. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Penciltutor!
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Hong Min

Class of ‘14

Penciltutor teachers were able to identify my weaknesses and were always there for me. Even at 12 midnight before my O level paper! If you are looking for a good private school to retake your O’s, look no further!
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Class of ‘14

Penciltutor is the only private school that can help you achieve your desired grades. From F9 in Phy/Chem in 2013 to an A2 in 2014. Where else can this be possible?”
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Hong Qi

Class of ‘15

By just taking one year off to retake my O levels at Penciltutor, I am able to qualify to a JC and I hope to get into NUS in the future. Thank you Penciltutor for being there when I needed someone the most.
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