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Hi. Welcome to Penciltutor! Do you want to take your O Levels after  your N Levels? Or are you here because you have failed important  subjects at ‘O’ Levels? And you know that given another chance you  will excel? We all make mistakes and sometimes all that we need, is  a second chance. At Penciltutor, we believe in second chances. If we  did not, Penciltutor would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Let  me tell you our story.   Our school began in October 2002. Back then, the Penciltutor team  was made up of a small group of dedicated teachers, skilled in the  art of imparting knowledge, but none of us had a clue on how to run  a business. We were all teachers and not businessmen. To keep the  business afloat, we tried creative ways of teaching, innovative  marketing and expensive advertising. Our small class sizes always  ensured optimal student-teacher interaction, but then, profitability  was low. Over the years, we’ve made umpteen wrong business  decisions. We kept trying again and again and again. And now, after  more than 10 years, we have earned the trust of our students who  recommend us to their family and friends. In 2012, we opened our  second branch to meet the needs of our growing Penciltutor family.   We are now an established ‘O’ Level private school in Singapore,  because we gave ourselves a second chance. We have helped  hundreds of students retake their ‘O’ Levels and make it to the poly.  And now we’d like to welcome you. Come, join the Penciltutor family,  and let’s retake your O Levels together. 

Giving you a second chance...